Flight documentation

The passenger is obliged to be informed in advance about the regulations of the country to which he travels, and / or through which he travels to the final destination, and to provide correct and valid documentation for the flight (passport, visa, various permits, etc.)

Passengers traveling from the airport “Morava” are obliged, in accordance with the recommendations of the airline they use, to show the airport employee a valid airline ticket, whether it is printed, saved as a PDF format or as a bar code on a mobile phone.

For your safety, the boarding passes are checked before boarding. Every passenger boarding an airplane is required to have a boarding pass for the flight and a valid identity document with an acceptable period of validity (it is desirable that the passenger is informed when purchasing a ticket about this condition) for identification, regardless of age.

Please check all the documents you need before you decide on a trip to avoid embarrassing situations. Every country, like every airline, has its own rules to follow.