If your mobility is reduced and you need a wheelchair while traveling, you should inform your airline about your level of mobility but when booking. If you are traveling by personal wheelchair when booking it is necessary to inform about their weight, dimensions and specifications (eg. Folding / sports / electric), as well as the type of battery used by electric carts (“dry”, “wet” or “gel” battery). Upon arrival at the airport, please contact the check-in counters, in order to provide adequate support and service.

Airport infrastructure is adapted for people with reduced mobility. Passes for persons with reduced mobility are marked with the international symbol for wheelchairs and have priority.

When embarking and disembarking of passengers with reduced mobility should be transferred from the airport of your cart or wheelchair in a special narrow carts that can pass between the seats on the plane. Your wheelchair will be packed into a space for checked baggage on the plane and you will be available immediately upon arrival at the destination airport.

Help passengers with impaired hearing or vision extends no charge. Please when booking designated airline emphasize that we need extra help, to when you stay at the airport and during the trip were properly disposed of.

Medical approval is required for travelers who fall into one of the following categories:

  • Travelers with acute health problems (eg, recent heart attack or stroke)
  • Passengers with serious fractures of the arm or leg in plaster
  • Travelers who have recently undergone an operation
  • Travelers who manifested a serious illness in several previous weeks
  • Passengers traveling in the supine position (stretcher passengers)
  • Passengers who require additional oxygen or other medical devices on the plane
  • Passengers who travel for treatment

Low cost airlines do not provide passenger transport services on a stretcher. For further information, please contact your airline or agency in which you buy a ticket.