Unaccompanied Minor (UM) are children aged 5 to 14 who travel alone unaccompanied by an adult.

An unaccompanied child must have all the necessary documentation for the flight (air ticket, passport, visa if required, completed form, so-called instructions for transporting unaccompanied children with information about the child and the person who accompanied the child on the flight, as well as the person who will welcome the child). All documents are placed in a red, plastic bag marked with the letters UM, and the child carries it around his neck during the flight and stay at the airport. A parent or other person who accompanies a child to airports, it is necessary to contact the airport staff at the passenger registration counters in order to fill in the so-called. Instructions for transporting unaccompanied children, if they have not already done so when buying a plane ticket.

After check-in, the parent hands the child over to the airport flight attendant, who accompanies him to the plane. The person who accompanied the child must stay at the airport until the plane takes off. The child enters the plane before the other passengers, and is picked up by the chief flight attendant (perser), who places him in his seat. The staff of the plane is in charge of placing the child comfortably and safely in the plane, usually next to an adult.

After the flight, the child leaves the plane and the cabin crew of the plane hands him over to the airport flight attendant of the destination airport, who is obliged to accompany and hand him over to the person whose data are stated in the Instructions for transporting unaccompanied children. The person accepting the child must identify and sign the Instructions for the transport of unaccompanied children.

Some low-cost airlines do not provide an unaccompanied child transport service, so please inquire about this option with your chosen airline or at the airport you are traveling from.