Check-in counters/desks at the Morava Airport are located at the hall of the terminal building. Check-in desks open 120 minutes prior to scheduled departure time and close 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time (according to timetable). Desks are marked with the relevant flight number and the travel destination.

For the passenger and baggage registration (for passengers who have not checked online) passenger at check-in desks has to present valid passport and other travel documents that meet requirements of the destination country . Passenger is given a boarding pass with which he goes to the gate/which is needed for the further boarding procedure. In case that passengers who has checked online, want to check-in their baggage, they are obligated to present valid travel document and boarding pass.

For your safety, each boarding pass is checked again prior to boarding an aircraft. Each passenger, irrelevant of age, boarding an aircraft must have a boarding pass and personal ID with him.

Passengers are kindly requested to check-in on time in order to avoid possible delays.

In order to ensure appropriate services, when booking your flight it is required to point out passenger category for example: unaccompanied child, passengers with special requirements, or passenger travelling with a pet etc.

For correct details on hold/cabine baggage policy, allowances and total amount of hold/cabine baggage please ask your airline when booking your flight or upon arrival to the airport at the designated airlines’ office.